Sunday, September 30, 2012

Slow-mo Joe

illustration by Storme Humphriss

Slow-mo Joe is stuck forever in slow motion, 
Moving even slower than the snails in the ocean.
With his every step, other people make three,
With his every blink they make a nice cup of tea.

But from Joe's perspective the world positively whizzes by
Like everyone's in a mad rush and he can never figure out why. 
What is so urgent that it must be done yesterday?
And why is it always "Soon", "Now" or "Right away!!"?
Can no one see that Joe will always get the task done?
Left to his own devices, ticking things off one by one.

You might think Joe would be useless, unable to keep up with the pace
After all, there's a very good reason it's called the rat race.
But in the end, Slow-mo Joe often saves the day
Because sometimes, slow and steady is the only way.


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