Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Slipper Cycle

On Friday night I ended up at a dinner in the house where I made The Slipper Cycle, so it sure brought back some memories. I spent a year making the film while I worked nights as a waiter, so I had the whole set sitting at the bottom of my bed for all that time.

The film is still getting around - it showed in a programme of African animation at Stuttgart a couple weeks ago and will show at Anima Mundi next month as well. I watched it again - and boy it's rough. But as my first film I'm still proud of the accomplishment.

I was originally going to call it "Through Hell and High Waters" to try and link it to the theme of marriage, but I'm kinda glad I didn't.

Because I didn't study animation, I used the project as way to learn the whole process...

...from storyboard to final film.
I used one of the earliest canon digital cameras to shoot it and my bedside light to light it. Like I said, rough.

Shaun the Sheep was a useful reference.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sam... Early development

The image of a sad girl sitting at a table with a dog just peaking over it was a strong one that I remembered from a dream. In the dream, my friend Sam had given me a book with this image on the cover of it. I think "Sam had never seen her look so sad' was the title of the book, but I may have come up with that later. 

I was immediately inspired to try and capture that image in my head and the rest of the concept expanded from there.  First I wondered why she was sad, but then realised it didn't matter why. I was more interested in what Sam could do to help her.

I tried working with watercolours. It was hard.

My drawing skills are also a little... sketchy :)


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sam had never seen her look so sad

Here is the little book I made from my animation - for those of you who've seen it but needed words to make sense of it :)

I originally intended to use voiceover, but then felt it was clear enough without it and besides, it would have spoilt Ben Amato's beautiful music. I only printed two copies and gave both away as presents.

I dedicated this book to my baby sister Noa.


New Horizons

It's taken awhile, but I'm finally starting my own personal blog. I'm often updating news on behalf of Triggerfish, but I figured I needed a separate place to put down some of my ramblings, post some of my doodles, photos, inspirations, or whatever. And what better day to do it than a beautiful, sunny Sunday - when I should be having a break from my laptop, be outdoors, active, doing something like I dunno, riding a bike?

I like silhouettes.