Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mary Jane

illustration by Retha Ferguson

Mary Jane mostly had her head in the clouds up high
But it was her mind that drifted as the days went by
The tiniest thing would fascinate her for hours at a time,
A passing sound; a gentle breeze; silly words in a rhyme. 

She'd often wander off mid-thought - she was easily distracted, 
And you could never explain the laughing fit she’d suddenly contracted.
Her appetite was enormous, especially for a girl so petite
And she could become quite lethargic for someone so light on her feet.

But when Mary was needed to help with the task at hand,
She could always be counted on to join the rest of us on land.
For 'tis true, though MJ was forgetful, and perhaps a little chilled out,
She always had a creative solution for every problem that came about.


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