Monday, November 12, 2012

Otto (The Incredible)

Otto, The Incredible did everything in reverse.
In fact - true's God - he even started out in a hearse!
He had a crick in his neck from always looking over his shoulder,
But luckily that eased up over time, the less he got older.

Many struggle moving forwards in life, Otto's not the only one. 
At least he faces his past (it's not something from which he can run).
With life-experience behind him, Otto was wise beyond his years,
And with no need for hindsight, he'd usually avoid unnecessary tears.

But surely the greatest thing about living in the past tense
Is that, before anything happens, it all makes sense.
So there's little time wasted with confusion and doubt, 
And because it already has... everything always works out!

But what Otto didn't admit, though he must've known deep in his heart, 
Was that, like his name, turning around would get him back to the start. 


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Game Boy

illustration by Mike Scott

The real world scared him, he stayed in his room.
Days could go by before he'd emerge from the gloom. 
He felt no need to interact with people on the outside,
He had enough friends online. Or so he lied. 

His mother believed him - she didn't play those "silly" games,
So how would she know he'd made up all their names?
Besides, she was too busy earning a living as a single mom,
So for all she knew, he could've been designing a bomb. 

But his habits were harmless to everyone but himself,
The only people he killed were from the games off his shelf.
With nimble fingers and reactions super-quick
He was master of his world and could change it with just one click.