Sunday, September 5, 2010

Anima Mundi - 5/6

Besides a quick tour around the Hippie Market (their name for it, not mine), and a quick bite, sunday was mostly spent on Ipanema beach. With the hundreds of people packed onto the beach with their umbrellas and chairs it was pretty much the image I had of Rio before going there. 

I lost my specs somewhere on the beach and incredibly they were found and handed in.
A still from the upcoming animated feature Rio

By the evening, it really felt like things were winding down. Some of the guests had already left, missing out on the awards ceremony. Although, since it was in Portuguese, I only found out the winners when I got back anyway. At least we got to see some of them and I was especially glad to see The Lost Thing since I fell in love with the style when I bought the book in Oz a few years ago. 

Then, in addition to some of the other festival winners, was a cool PSA about... peeing in the shower (yes, encouraging it) and the Brazilian winner (maybe something was lost in translation). One of the more interesting and beautiful pieces was Madagascar, a journey diary - a beautiful watercolour 3d scrapbook-type diary.

Apparently there are a lot of Labenese people in Rio so we had an "Arab" dinner at a beautiful spot under JC with the lights of the city reflected in the water next to us. A few Caipirinhas later, I didn't quite get to say my proper  goodbyes as our group reduced even further.


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