Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Anima Mundi - 2/6

Day 2 began with a masterclass by multiple award winner Andy Malcolm a foley artist with over four hundred films to his name. An avid Lewis Carrol fan, Andy showed us some clips from Alice in Wonderland that showed the subtleties of his work on the film. He even brought along the well-worn shoes he used to make Alice walk - a pair of women's shoes cut open and covered in duct tape.

Although it can't help a bad script, sound is so crucial in animation. But through audience participation putting foley sounds to a live action and an animated clip Andy inspired us to see that you can do it yourself - and it's fun! 

One of the natural talents from the audience - especially with his perfectly timed rooster crow - was Meton Joffily. A Brazilian graffiti artist, Meton later showed me his incredible pitch package for an animated series he's developed.

illustration by Meton

After a late, two-hour long lunch (both of which I was to discover is the norm) I went to meet my sister Jess who flew up from Buenos Aires to join me for the weekend. Although not from the world of animation, even she enjoyed the evening's talk by two-time Oscar nominee Cordell Barker from Winnipeg, Canada. 

My first introduction to Cordell's work was at Annecy last year where he won a prize for Runaway.

A surprisingly good-natured and amiable man, Cordell showed us the films that had the most influence on him as well as his own three prize-winning films where the influence could be seen - but each time still resulted in a highly original and entertaining film. I was glad to finally see his first film The Cat Came Back and I was also pleased with myself to spot one of the hidden messages which he flashes in his films. And I have to say it again, but what a nice man.

sketch © Cordell Barker

The more all of us hung out - yes, that night was accompanies with a few rounds of caipirinhas - the more I realised these are my type of people and that small talk doesn't always have to be difficult. OK, maybe that was just the caipirinhas talking. 

pic courtesy Madi Piller - from left: Daniel Greaves, Maureen Furniss (CalArts), Andy Malcolm, Stephanie Betts (DHX media), Pierina, me, Jess, Cordell, Jordi Grangel.


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